Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Uncle Space & The Boys - "Space's Blooze"

The latest song from Uncle Space & The Boys is the rare ten minute song that you wish was longer. It's an old style country rambler mixed with some 60s psychedelia, which is sort of the rage these days. What makes "Space's Blooze" different from the rest is this bizarre amount of 90s aggressive indie rock that is spread throughout the song. It's like post Washing Machine Sonic Youth decided to play around with country. It even has a few moments where microphones start to get overloaded, which appeals to my lo-fi fandom needs. "Space's Blooze" might be the finest psychedelic post-punk lo-fi noise country song you'll hear all year. 

You can listen to "Space's Blooze" below, and get your very own copy at Uncle Space & The Boys' Bandcamp. I can't find much of a web presence for Uncle Space & The Boys, so you may have to stick with Bandcamp for more information on them.

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