Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Scott H. Biram - "Long Old Time"

Photo by Nate Burrell
Country music is huge right now. I know I'm not really saying anything that hasn't been known for the last 25 or so years, but somehow one of the oldest forms of popular music is bigger now than it ever was. But there are two distinct branches of country fans: Those that like modern top 40 country and those that long for "real" country. I fall into the latter, since I really could care less about bros in cowboy hats rapping about their trucks. There is very, very little that can be appreciated by both types of fans.

Scott H. Biram might be the rare artist that everyone can agree on. He falls into the Jason Isbell/Sturgill Simpson category of country that has that old feel to it while still being mainstream enough for pop country fans. "Long Old Time" feels almost ageless. You can't figure out when it was recorded. It has a bit of an effect on the vocals so it feels a bit more aged than it is, but not enough to detract from the song. Plus, it has that dark feel to it that is required for anything to be considered "real" country.

Scott H. Biram's 10th album, The Bad Testament, will be released February 24 on Bloodshot Records. You can listen to "Long Old Time" below. For more on Biram, check out his website

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