Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Michael Chapman - "Winter in Memphis"

Photo by Constance Mensh
Following the trend of an elder statesperson of rock/folk pairing with a younger artist as a producer, Michael Chapman has paired with Steve Gunn for his upcoming album, 50. The first track from that album, "Winter in Memphis," also features Steve Gunn's band. The song sounds dark... probably because it is. "Winter in Memphis was written way back in 1999 when Chapman ended up being stuck in Memphis during a blizzard. It's about how many poor and homeless were dying on the streets during the storm with most citizens not seeming to care. It's a rambling folk song, but Gunn brings things indie rock noise into it that fits the subject matter and Chapman's voice perfectly. It's a nearly seven minute folk song that chugs along at an angrily medium pace and occasionally devolves into feedback heavy guitar solos, but it leaves you needing to hear more.

50 will be out January 20 on Paradise of Bachelors. You can listen to "Winter in Memphis" below. For more on Michael Chapman, check out his website.

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