Thursday, March 9, 2017

Clever Girls - Loose Tooth

Burington, VT's Clever Girls land in this perfect little region that covers both Americana and indie rock. It's not quite noisy enough to be 90s style indie rock, and it's not folky enough to really be... well... folk. Instead it's this odd but straightforward sounding rock mix that keeps just enough quirk to keep it interesting. It's like Tom Petty with jangling guitars (with tunings that feel just slightly out of place) mixed with the alt-folk of Big Thief, with the tiniest, slightest hint of the power punk/emo thing. Loose Tooth is only a five song EP, but it's filled with enough hooks, guitar solos, and haunting vocals that it's satisfying and will make you anxious for their next release.

Loose Tooth is available now via Clever Girl's Bandcamp. It's available as a free download, but you should try to throw them something, or at least post about it to your social media. For more on Clever Girls, check them out on Facebook and their website.

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