Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lillie Mae - "Over the Hill and Through the Woods"

Photo via Facebook
Lillie Mae may look familiar, seeing how she plays in Jack White's live band. The two are continuing to work together, as White is releasing her debut album, Forever and Then Some, on his Third Man Records label.

The obvious comparison to Lillie Mae is Margo Price. They're both Americana tinged country singers on Third Man Records and produced by Jack White. On "Over the Hill and Through the Woods," the first single from the upcoming album, Mae defines her sound. The song is a more sparse and stripped down version of the retro country thing, but is somehow just as slick as Margo Price's debut. This next part might sound weird, but just go with me on this: It's more raw but somehow more smooth at the same time. I know that makes no sense, but you'll understand when you listen to the song. It's like if 1950s country had 1980s country production values.

Lillie Mae's debut album, Forever and Then Some, will be out on April 14 via Third Man Records. You can watch the video for "Over the Hill and Through the Woods" below. For more on Lillie Mae, be sure to check out her Twitter and website.

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