Friday, March 17, 2017

Inhalt - "Walking on Glass"

Hailing from San Francisco, Inhalt (German for "content") defy the city's hippie reputation and instead offer dark, driving synth music. "Walking on Glass" offers just the slightest hint of the electronic post punk that was all the rage 10-15 years ago, but this is stripped way back. It's a little too nicely produced to truly be called minimalist, but it's right on the line of minimalism. You get this dark, brooding, and foreboding sound, that you can still dance to. 

Inhalt's upcoming album, Part Time Punks Sessions, was recorded live in a collaboration with the Part Time Punks radio show out of Los Angeles. It will be available April 14 on Cleopatra Records. You can pre-order your copy on Bandcamp. The video for "Walking on Glass" is below. For more on Inhalt, check out their website and Bandcamp.

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