Monday, March 13, 2017

Bad Breeding - "The More the Merrier"

Bad Breeding are not going to be for everyone. "The More the Merrier" is loud and noisy. Like ridiculously loud and noisy. It's basically noise rock with less artsy and more punk and metal thrown in. This noise is happening within the barest constructs of what could be a song structure, but it's pure chaos being held together by the slightest thread. The song is not quite two minutes long, but halfway through you'll think it must be almost over. And that's if you're a fan of the song. The whole punk/metal universe can be a fairly cookie cutter paint-by-numbers genre. "The More the Merrier" might be the freshest take on heavy music that I've heard in years.

You can listen to "The More the Merrier" below. Bad Breeding's new album, Divide, is due out April 7 on La Vida Es un Mus. You can pre-order your copy on their Bandcamp. For more information on Bad Breeding, check out their website and Facebook.

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