Thursday, March 16, 2017

Weezer - "Feels Like Summer"

We try to stay fairly positive over here at If It's Too Loud... and just bring you the best new music that we stumble on. We don't want to do the snarky music critic thing and mock hard working bands trying to make it just because we think we're funny. But every so often a band we used to love releases something so horrible that we're forced to warn you about how bad it is. Once again, that band is Weezer.

I used to love love LOVE Weezer. They're the band most people most closely associate with me still to this day. They just released the first song off their upcoming 11th album. That song, "Feels Like Summer," is awful. Just plain awful. They're a band that's been around for 20+ years and they're not even targeting teens and 20-somethings anymore. This sounds like a play for tweens, like they're trying to get on a Disney Channel or Nickelodeon show. It's the kind of song that you see a band on stage playing instruments, but you don't actually hear what sounds like instruments being played. This is what I'm pretty sure Imagine Dragons or Maroon 5 probably sound like now.

Weezer will release their 11th album sometime this year, and will probably feature a duet with Ariana Grande and at least one song will show up on Kidz Bop. The video for "Feels Like Summer" is below, but, seriously, don't bother. Just listen to The Blue Album or Pinkerton before how horrific their output is now completely taints these albums for you.

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