Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The New Year - "Recent History"

Photo courtesy of The New Year
The New Year has long been one of those bands I keep meaning to get into, but always seem to get distracted. The main appeal to me is the inclusion of the criminally underrated Chris Brokaw on drums, even though I'm more familiar with him on guitar. Plus, add in Matt and Bubba Kadane from Bedhead, and you have the makings of an obscure indie rock supergroup.

Luckily for me (and everyone else), The New Year have a new album coming out in April, their first in nine years! The first single off the new album, "Recent History," is this perfect blend of laid back but intense indie rock. It starts off with a long, 1:30 slowly building instrumental, to the point where you start to assume it's an all instrumental song. And then the vocals come in. It's not soft enough to be whispering, and it's a little too much singing to be speaking. If you came of age to the 90s indie scene, you're going to love this.

Snow, the new album from The New Year, will be out April 28 on Undertow Music. You can listen to "Recent History" below. For more on The New Year, check out their website and Facebook.

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