Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doug Tuttle - "Bait the Sun"

Although "Bait the Sun" sounds like pure southern California, Doug Tuttle is currently residing in Somerville, MA. The former frontman of MMOSS is set to release his third solo album next month. Tuttle played all the instruments on Peace Potato and recorded it in his bedroom. 

A lot of people are negative towards this digital age of recordings, and while I love the 90s 4-track home recording era, you could never have anything as lush as "Bait the Sun" 25 years ago. It's pure pop, although leaning more towards modern folk than dance music. It's just dreamy and a wee bit trippy, with horns throughout. There are traces of MMOSS's psychedelia, but only in that "Bait the Sun" has a 60s feel to it. Like all good psychedelic pop, the song is shocking in how layered it is. On first listen, it's just this simple, feel good pop song, but after a few listens you start noticing all these brilliant little details inside of it.

You can listen to "Bait the Sun" below. Doug Tuttle's new album, Peace Potato, is due out May 5 on Trouble in Mind Records. For more on Tuttle, check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

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