Monday, April 10, 2017

Evan Dando - "Shots is Fired" and "Rancho Santa Fe" Alternate Versions

I've always loved Evan Dando's single true solo album Baby I'm Bored. (I'm not counting Live at the Brattle Theater since it's more of a live album, although it might be the best thing Dando has ever released.) I don't really remember it being considered a rousing success, especially since he went back to recording under the name The Lemonheads since then. But, it's beloved by enough people to warrant a two disc vinyl reissue for Record Store Day, with the second disc being filled with unreleased tracks and b-sides. Right now you can hear two songs from the reissue: An alternate version of "Shots is Fired" that features Liv Tyler on vocals and another alternate version, this time of "Rancho Santa Fe." Neither one is drastically different from the album versions. "Shots is Fired" is a bit more raw, and features a clanging guitar that isn't in the album version, and obviously Liv Tyler. "Rancho Sata Fe" feels a little more like a demo, or at least a live, non-studio version.

You can listen to the alternate versions of "Rancho Santa Fe" and "Shots is Fired" below. The vinyl reissue of Baby I'm Bored will be out on Record Store Day, April 22, via Fire Records. For more on Evan Dando, check out The Lemonheads' website and his Twitter.

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