Friday, April 28, 2017

Dharma Bombs - "Pack Your Bags"

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Dharma Bombs are pure throwback Americana. They cite The Devil Makes Three and Pokey LaFarge as influences, but I'm going at add The Two Man Gentleman Band and Squirrel Nuts Zippers as other comparable acts since they have a bit of the old timey swing sound, too. The first song off their upcoming debut album, "Pack Your Bags," is an interesting choice to introduce themselves. They're a six piece band, but "Pack Your Bags" is a minimalist folk ballad. Everyone gets a chance to shine, but almost separately. The horn section seems to get the most time as far as the instruments go, but it's mostly a quietly strummed acoustic song with forlorn male and female vocals getting the main focus. It's a beautiful song that is only going to build anticipation for their upcoming album.

You can listen to "Pack Your Bags" below. Dharma Bombs' debut album, Old Time Romance, will be out on May 11 on Crystal Pistol Records. Keeping with the Friday Freebie theme, you can download their seven song Live on WRIR release for free on Bandcamp. For more on Dharma Bombs, check out their website.

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