Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bettie Serveert - "B-Cuz"

Bettie Serveert might be the band I rediscover the most about for the past 25 years. Yes, that's how long Amsterdam's Bettie Serveert have been bringing us their blend of indie pop, a term that never would have flown back in the 90s. They always seem to be hiding out just out of my consciousness until a new album comes around.

Well, they're back in since this Saturday, aka Record Store Day, will see the release of their 11th studio album, Damaged Good, on vinyl, which will be the only release of the album in a physical format in North America. Bettie Serveert are now officially legends, and "B-Cuz," although the title of the song looks more like a Boyz II Men song, helps to cement that status. "B-Cuz" is as catchy as it could possibly be and lies in that realm of song that would have been a Buzz Clip back in the day but now counts as a fun pop song.

You can watch the newly released video for "B-Cuz" below. Head out to your favorite local indie record shop this Saturday to pick up your limited edition vinyl of Damaged Good out on Schoolkids Records. For more on Bettie Serveert, check out their website.

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