Monday, April 24, 2017

Benjamin Booker - "Right On You"

Photo by Ken Sears
It's not exactly fair to claim that an artist is sharing a new sound on their second album, but that's what I'm going to do with Benjamin Booker. His 2014 self-titled album was this brilliant blast of proto-punk mixed with Kurt Cobain and Delta blues. The first song we could hear from his upcoming second album, "Witness," mixed in some more soul and some hip hop elements (and featured Mavis Staples!) The second song, "Right On You," goes off in an even different direction. There are still some hints of Booker's classic sound mixed with some soul, but "Right On You" is a little more straightforward punk along the lines of X, while throwing a tiny bit of Sonic Youth noise in there. Once again, a very unexpected sound that makes perfect sense with Booker's progression as an artist.

You can listen to "Right On You" below. His new album, Witness, is due out on June 2 via ATO Records. You can pre-order the album through your chosen outlet here. For more on Benjamin Booker, check out his website.

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