Friday, April 21, 2017

Coltana - "Break Her"

I always hate to take a band's description straight out of their press release, but sometimes they just nail it. Blake Kendrick and Catherine Martindale were in Poeticat, until they decided to leave and form Coltana. According to the press release that accompanies their latest single, "Break Her," Coltana combines Bikini Kill and Arctic Monkeys. And that pretty much nails it. It's not a 100% accurate comparison, though. Coltana doesn't quite match the ferocity or rawness of Bikini Kill since they're a bit too polished, but they're also not quite the ready made hit makers that Arctic Monkeys are. Instead, you get something in the middle with a ton of tonal and tempo quick stops and starts that I haven't heard since the early days of the Arctic Monkeys. It's a combination that is jarring in an almost but not quite pleasant way.

You can listen to "Break Her" below. The single will be available for purchase on May 19 via Poeticat Records. For more on Coltana, check out their website.

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