Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Doug Tuttle - "Only in a Dream"

We're just over a week away from the release of Doug Tuttle's third solo album, and he's shared another song off of it. "Only in a Dream" is absolutely breathtaking. George Harrison has long been my favorite Beatle, and seeing as "Only in a Dream" sounds like an outtake from All Things Must Pass, I'm fully on board. Plus, seeing how Tuttle recorded the entire album in his Somerville, MA bedroom, the production is absurdly good to rate comparison's to Harrison's classic solo debut. It's a beautiful, gently strummed song with a guitar riff that loops around and just sucks you straight in.

You can listen to "Only in a Dream" below. Doug Tuttle's third solo album, Peace Potato, will be out on May 5 via Trouble in Mind. For more on Tuttle, check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

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