Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Listen: New Releases for June 2

While I don't regret seeing Wonder Woman over the weekend, 20 new releases and a lot of overtime at work left me with little time to write. A day late and a dollar short, here's an abbreviated highlights version of this week's releases.

Must Listens This Week:

* Benjamin Booker - Witness (Best release of the week. We loved his debut, and somehow he's gotten even better. It's scary good)
* Marnie - Strange Words and Weird Wars (A favorite of the week, strange and striking album)
* Alt-J - Relaxer (Maybe their weakest effort so far, and still one of the best of the week. Their singles always make more sense in the context of the album)
* Rachel Baiman - Shame (Fun, addictive Americana)
* Chastity Belt - I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone (The darker side of things with the recent resurgence of female-fronted alt-rock. Really great)
* Dispatch - America, Location 12 (A solid comeback, and an album I'm really into)
* Marika Hackman - I'm Not Your Man
* Art School Jocks - Art School Jocks

Solid Listens Worth Your Time:

* Spectre Folk - Vol. 4 (Ex-Sonic Youth members make a Sonic Youth-esque record)
* Sweet Baboo - Wild Imagination (I didn't love his last album, but this one is a solid improvement)
* Amber Arcades - Cannonball (Surprisingly accessible)
* Pierce Edens - Stripped Down Gussied Up
* The Sticks - The Sticks
* Pega Monstro - Casa De Cima
* Kacey Johansing - The Hiding
* Bleachers - Gone Now
* Saint Etienne - Home Counties
* Dan Auerbach - Waiting on a Song
* Amber Coffman - City of No Reply

Also Out This Week:

* The Veldt - The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation EP
* Major Lazer - Know No Better
* Cody ChestnuTT - My Love Divine Degree

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