Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Prophets of Rage - "Unfuck the World"

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Last year, I had a very confusing relationship with Prophets of Rage. Combining Rage Against the Machine with Public Enemy and adding B Real of Cypress Hill in the Flava Flav role might have been the most exciting thing that ever happened to my inner teenage self. Unfortunately, the reality of that didn't live up to the expectations. First there was the tour with pit tickets selling for multiple hundreds of dollars (face value, not even through scalpers). Sure, they had $20 tickets, but those were waaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back. They gave a lot of the money raised on the expensive tickets to charities, but having the people that can afford those prices right up front seems contrary to the whole point. Hell, I knew Trump supporters that took a limo to go to the show. And then there was the whole virtually unlistenable EP they released last year. The worst part of it was that, in the 2016 political climate, Tom Morello and Chuck D couldn't write a song, and just covered their own music?

Which leads me to "Unfuck the World," their new single. I decided to hate listen to it after it had been out a few days, expecting to fully hate it and just become angry. I wasn't expecting to actually like it. It's by far the best thing anyone involved in this group has issued in at least ten years. It's loud, it's angry, it's in your face politically.... It's literally everything I wanted this project to be when I first heard about it. Prophets of Rage are the driving force of Rage Against the Machine's music and Chuck D's unique forceful voice. It's literally a perfect combination, and it's about time.

You can watch the Michael Moore directed video for "Unfuck the World" below. Prophets of Rage's new self-titled album will be out September 15. For more on Prophets of Rage, check out their website.

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