Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lee Ranaldo - "Circular (Right As Rain)"

Photo by Alex Rademakers
If you've been listening to anything Lee Ranaldo has done musically over the last 20 or so years (both with Sonic Youth and solo), his new single "Circular (Right As Rain)" isn't going to surprise you. Ranaldo has been gradually moving further away from the raw, aggressive post punk sound of Sonic Youth into a more swirling, psychedelic, nearly jam band sound this entire century. That makes sense: His songs were always the hippiest on any Sonic Youth album. "Circular (Right As Rain)" is even further in that direction. It might be his trippiest song yet, and even has harmonizing vocals. It's at the point I'm half expecting his next album to be a collaboration of Grateful Dead covers with Ryan Adams.

You can watch the video for "Circular (Right As Rain)" below. Lee Ranaldo's new album, Electric Trim, will be available on September 15 via Mute Records. For more on Lee Ranaldo, including tour dates, check out his website.

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