Friday, June 9, 2017

The Reigning Monarchs - "Cheetah Week"

The Reigning Monarchs should be the world's biggest trainwreck musically. It's a band led by comedian Greg Behrendt (Walking the Room podcast, author of He's Just Not That Into You, and one of my favorite music related stand up bits ever) and Michael Eisenstein, guitarist of Letters to Cleo. Plus, it's instrumental surf rock. This should be terrible, but instead it's really good.

The band just released their latest single, "Cheetah Week." It might be their best release, and, like all great surf rock, it has that timeless recorded in the 60s feel, with this insane amount of guitar, horns that suck you straight in, and just enough reverb on the guitars to make it have an almost indie rock feel. It's a pretty much perfect release, and since we all have a fondness for surf rock in the summer, it's the perfect time to check them out.

You can listen to "Cheetah Week" below. For more on The Reigning Monarchs, check out their website and Facebook.

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