Friday, June 9, 2017

Tristen featuring Jenny Lewis - "Glass Jar"

Photo via Facebook
An absolute favorite here at If It's Too Loud... since our very beginning has been Tristen. News started spreading earlier this year that she had an album coming out at some point this year, and we're thrilled to have a new song from it. "Glass Jar" is a little more like her 2011 alt-pop country album Charlatans at the Gate than 2013's more dance friendly Caves. (Has it really been 4 years since we got a new album from Tristen???) There are still some of the more dance and pop friendly elements left over from Caves to make anyone who discovered her with that album happy. Plus, "Glass Jar" features vocals from Jenny Lewis, so the new album could be what finally makes Tristen an (almost) household name.

You can watch the video for "Glass Jar" below. Trsiten's new album, Sneaker Waves, will be out July 7 on Modern Outsider Records, so we don't even have that long of a wait. For more on Tristen, be sure to check out her website.

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