Monday, June 5, 2017

Ransom Pier - "It's Up to You"

Photo by Shannon Kelly
Three months after releasing "Holding On," Ransom Pier are back with "It's Up to You." Their usual soul/blues sound takes a background on the new song, which is a showcase for singer Hayley Harrington. "It's Up to You" is just her with an acoustic guitar, playing sparsely and singing throughout. No real solos or instrumental breaks. This is the singer/songwriter genre at it's finest level, and demonstrates Harrington's full range going from quiet and vulnerable to a much more powerful style. It's a great slight change in style for a band we've been following for a couple of years now.

You can listen to "It's Up to You" below. For more on Ransom Pier, check out their website. If you happen to be in NYC on June 17, they'll be playing Rockwood Music Hall, stage 2. They'll also be playing Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY on July 22.

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