Friday, November 5, 2021

Bruisey Peets - "Applecore"

I keep being more and more surprised by how much I'm enjoying each release from Bruisey Peets (aka New Orleans artist Ben Usie). "Queer, swamp pop and piano based..." doesn't sound like it would speak to me, but so far it's been working. The previous two singles, "Onions" and "Poached Eggs," have had a mellow cabaret feel. The newest single, "Applecore," is much more intense, at least in comparison to the other ones. It has a much more blues and rock feel to it, while still being piano based swamp pop. 

Bruisey Peets says of the new single:

“‘Apple Core’ originated from the dread of being in debt mixed with the feeling of doom-scrolling twitter in bed. The mantra, 'I guess I’ll take this lyin’ down' picks at the absurdity of our hive minds being so tapped into the atrocities around the globe while feeling isolated and helpless in our own little bubbles. The band pulses with hypnotic energy as I do my best to confront cis white patriarchy in spite of my passing privilege. While mixing the record with Mark Bingham, I found his copy of Allen Ginsberg’s amazing record ‘The Lion For Real’, which Mark had played on, along with Marc Ribot and Bill Frisell. As I digested ‘The Lion For Real’, I realized the double meaning in my mantra. By the end of the song, I must be singing ‘I guess I’ll take this lion down.'”

You can listen to "Applecore" below. Poached Eggs is due out November 19 on Y'Allstar Records. You can pre-order a copy over at the label's Bandcamp. For more on Bruisey Peets, check out the artist's Facebook.

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