Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Plumes - "Autumn"

Photo via Facebook

About two years ago we brought you a single from Plumes. I had described "Bobby Blue & Connie Sue" as a folk-adjacent song and "fun and quirky without being cutesy." The Boston band is back with a new single, "Autumn." While the fun and quirky without being cutesy is still there for the new single, "Autumn" moves a little away from being folk adjacent. There are still some folk elements in the new song, but it's more like if a band like Vampire Weekend decided to do a set at Newport Folk Festival. It's the kind of indie rock that we haven't heard regularly for roughly a decade, and is making us oddly nostalgic for a time we're too old to be nostalgic for. "Autumn" is a wonderfully meandering song that is going to become completely infectious after its four minute run is done.

You can listen to "Autumn" below. It will be included on Plumes' upcoming EP. For more on Plumes, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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