Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Aquadolls Cover The Waitresses

Photo by Savanna Morales

I know, I know... two Christmas songs in one day, but I think you'll forgive us on this one. The Aquadolls have released a ska punk cover of The Waitresses' immortal holiday song "Xmas Wrapping." Ska punk covers are their own punchline most times, but I don't think there's a song more begging for a ska punk version than "Xmas Wrapping." The original is one of the more fun non-traditional classics out there, and The Aquadolls amp that up with this one. Plus, it's produced by Fat Mike of NOFX and even features Angelo Moore of Fishbone on saxophone and El Jefe of NOFX on trumpet for some extra cred.

Melissa Brooks of The Aquadolls says of the cover:

"Every year when the weather starts getting colder (and in California terms meaning we go from blistering hot weather to a breezy 70 degrees) it means it’s time for the holiday season.

"This leads to our not-so-friendly winter companion: seasonal depression. Christmas time can be really difficult to navigate through, especially during a pandemic. The holidays can suck, but with the help of a good pal or two and some rock n roll, hopefully, it can suck a little less!

"We created a ska/punk-inspired cover of The Waitresses’ “Xmas Wrapping” with the production help of Fat Mike from NOFX and Jon Graber, with horns from El Hefe of NOFX and Angelo Moore of Fishbone. It’s so exciting for us to collaborate with so many music icons on this and put a new twist on such an underrated and timeless classic. We hope you start a mosh pit to this and this makes your holiday season rock harder than before!"

You can listen to The Aquadolls cover "Xmas Wrapping" below. The single is available here. For more on The Aquadolls, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

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