Monday, November 8, 2021

Cola - "Blank Curtain"

Last week, Montreal post-punk group Ought called their nine year run over by and announced the formation of a new band. Cola features Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy of Ought and US Girls drummer Evan Cartwright. The new band's debut single, "Blank Curtain," is a blend of alt-rock and post-punk. There's something that reminds me of the meandering of Pavement without really sounding like Pavement. Maybe this is what Pavement would have sounded like if they started out in Washington D.C. and signed to Dischord. "Blank Curtain" is an exciting debut single that will have you waiting impatiently to see where this band goes next.

You can watch the video for "Blank Curtain" below. The song is out now on Fire Talk Records. For more on Cola, check out the band's Bandcamp and Instagram.

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