Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Coma Girls - "Knife"

Photo by Shane Mackenzie

When I first saw Los Angeles based Coma Girls described as folk-rock/shoegaze, I had my suspicions. Folk-rock and shoegaze are at two very different ends of the musical spectrum, but then I listened to "Knife." Somehow, the song hits both shoegaze and folk-rock without sounding anything like what I expected to. It has the droning qualities you would expect with shoegaze without being drenched in guitar feedback. It feels like a more organic version of the genre, which is where the folk-rock comes in. Chris Spino (the main creative force behind Coma Girls) also adds in some electronic elements to the song, which gives it a tiny bit of pop to keep it even more interesting.

Chris Spino says of his upcoming album:

“This record was my one escape, the one thing that kept me from going off the rails. It’s a pandemic record, a relapse record, a break-up record, and a recovery record. This was the thing that was keeping me sane.”

You can watch the video for "Knife" below. No Umbrella for Star Flower is due out September 2 on Baby Robot Records. For more on Coma Girls, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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