Friday, July 22, 2022

Friday Freebie: Dilemma Rose n the Wailin' Milfs - milf machine

After being blown away by Dilemma Rose n the Walin' Milfs last Saturday, I decided to search online for any information on them. There isn't a whole lot online (although searching anything involving the word "Milf" gets some NS4W results, so beware!), but I did find a Bandcamp page. That includes an EP released last Halloween, milf machine. The EP is three songs and just over five minutes in length. If you're intrigued by the thought of a punk/metal/New Wave mash up, you're going to be delighted by milf machine. It appears that Dilemma Rose n the Wailin' Milfs have added keyboards since this EP was released, so it's a little less New Wave than their live show was. But these three songs are completely glorious trainwrecks bouncing between happy bubblegum to absolute car crashes of noise at a maddeningly fast rate. If that sounds like your thing, you're gonna love this.

You can listen to "the bitch song" below. milf machine is available for the "name your price" option via Bandcamp. Normally this is where I'd implore you to give them a follow on social media, but I can't find anything outside of this Bandcamp page and a live video of the EP on YouTube.

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