Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mint Green Covers Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Photo via Facebook

We've been supporters of Mint Green for a few years now. The Boston band have mastered this phenomenal blend of angsty pop that occasionally borders on punk, although they've been leaning more heavily into pop territory lately. Their covers have been stellar as well, and their latest is a take on Yeah Yeah Yeahs iconic "Maps." Sure, "Maps" is the obvious Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover, but that's because it's a ridiculously great song. Mint Green's cover is almost perfectly spot on. When I first started playing it, I barely noticed that it wasn't the original. Mint Green singer/guitarist Ronnica sounds shockingly similar to Karen O, and even the guitar work and drums are spot on. Occaionally Ronnica adds in some original vocal flourishes, but this might be the most faithful cover we've ever brought you.

You can watch the video for Mint Green's cover of "Maps" below. It was recorded at JK Not Kidding Studios for Bird Fight Records. For more on Mint Green, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

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