Friday, July 22, 2022

Lena Hessels - "6"

Photo by Nick Helderman

Normally I associate the term "ambient" with electronic music, but Lena Hessels is changing that. The Dutch artist just released "6," which fits everything I would expect with ambient music. It's chilled out music that definitely creates a mood, but the song is much more organic than I expected it to be. It's more along the lines of folk with plenty of acoustic roots instrumentation. The drums do sound electronic, which gives "6" a wholly unique sound that places it in both roots and electronic genres. 

Lena Hessels says of her new EP:

“its really about the stuff that I’m dealing with as a young adult and trying to be open about it. I’m not trying to be cool, there are no frills, its just personal and honest. The focus track '6' is about my mental health during a period when I wasn’t doing very well and how I got better. I feel like that time is always going to be a part of me but that’s ok because things will always get better."

You can listen to "6" below. The song is on Lena Hessels' new EP, then when will it, which is available now. For more on Lena Hessels, check out the artist's Facebook and Twitter.

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