Monday, July 18, 2022

Bad Larrys - "Fantasy"

Photo by Jenna Pinch

The latest single from Bad Larrys is exactly what we need from them. "Fantasy" is a kick ass indie rock song with swirling and crunchy guitars and amazing vocal harmonies that we haven't heard in the genre since that dog. It's a song that sounds both huge and little musically, with a level of vocals usually heard only in much more mainstream genres. It's a fun song that I'm nearly certain masks a much darker subject, which is what some of my favorite all time songs do. Plus, as great as the song is for the first four minutes, Bad Larrys just go all out for the ending making it an absolute epic. This is yet another local Boston area band that should break out at any moment.

You can listen to "Fantasy" below. For more on Bad Larrys, check out the band's Facebook and Bandcamp.

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