Monday, September 18, 2023

Katsy Pline - "Guess I'm Always Leaving"

Photo by Nathan Kosta

Katsy Pline is one of those artists that sounds completely familiar and completely unique at the same time, The Berkeley, CA based singer-songwriter just released "Guess I'm Always Leaving," which is a country-esque song in the style of Hank Williams and, well, Patsy Cline, but I couldn't say that it's entirely a country song. There is a definite sound akin to the singer-songwriter side of indie rock in "Guess I'm Always Leaving," combining vintage country with artists like Liz Phair and Elliott Smith. There's even a touch of classic torch songs here, making the latest from Katsy Pline an original sound despite mixing in many classic elements.

You can watch the video for "Guess I'm Always Leaving" below. Incandescent Fire is due out September 22 on Take a Turn Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Katsy Pline, check out the artist on Instagram.

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