Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Little Billy Lost - "Dance Angelina Dance"

Photo by Michael Naimo

One thing Boston seems to specialize in is garage music, and another is weirdo music. Those two styles slam into each other with the latest from Little Billy Lost. "Dance Angelina Dance" comes so close to just being a straight up classic garage rock song, but Little Billy Lost have their own unique take on the genre. The song is filled with a dark sounding version of glam, odd vocalizations, and hypnotic guitars. It's almost like if Frank Zappa tried to make straight up garage rock and got bored halfway through. At times "Dance Angelina Dance" sounds so much like garage rock prototype that the more unique parts surprise you just a little bit more.

Guitarist and vocalist Fred Pineau says of the new single:

“The song is a simple lyrical celebration of the experience we’ve all had of sitting in a bar, at a wedding reception, or some other gathering place and seeing someone walk into the room who immediately captivates us. It’s a simple exploration of one’s imagination projecting an image of a relationship forming in realistic and fantastical ways.”

You can watch the video for "Dance Angelina Dance" below. The single is available now via Code 213 Records. For more on Little Billy Lost, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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