Friday, September 22, 2023

Steph Green - "Take a Walk"

We absolutely loved Steph Green's single "Next Place" and her album Thanks for That, so we're thrilled to get new music from her. Her latest single, "Take a Walk," is this odd but perfect mix of garage rock and country. It has that ramblin' country/folk feel, but in a garage rock song. It's a song led by lap steel and Green's vocals. In the press release, it's described as "... a song suitable for literally taking a walk to," and that somehow fits this one perfectly. It's the perfect song for just taking a walk just for the sake of taking a walk. You're not going anywhere, and you're not trying to get your steps in for the day. You're just going to "Take a Walk."

You can listen to "Take a Walk" below. Lore is out October 20 on Mashed Potato Records. For more on Steph Green, check out the artist's website.

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