Tuesday, September 5, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 1 September 2023

Artist: Speedy Ortiz
Album: Rabbit Rabbit
Quick Thoughts: Speedy Ortiz and Sadie Dupuis are extremely good at what they do, and Rabbit Rabbit is another solid entry in a long list of them. It's got that angular baseline feel combined with a lot of interesting songwriting and great vocals. Basically nothing unexpected except for how great it is. If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed, and if you're new, this is a great place to start.
Songs of Note: "You S02," "Plus One"

Artist: Slowdive
Album: everything is alive
Quick Thoughts: Shoegaze legends Slowdive are back after a six-year absence with another great effort. It's dreamy and hazy in all the right ways, and captures a band still operating at the top of its game decades after their start. A mandatory listen this week.
Songs of Note: "prayer remembered," "alife," "the slab"

Artist: Jeff Rosenstock
Quick Thoughts: Jeff Rosenstock is the master of dropping surprise albums at this point, and HELLMODE is perhaps his best effort since Worry. It's super punk, super ska, and even dabbles in some more acoustic directions, but all of it works wonders. A very memorable effort from a DIY veteran.

Artist: Ghost of Vroom
Album: Ghost of Vroom 3
Quick Thoughts: It's weird to consider the Mike Doughty/Andrew Livingston project "new," given that this is the third album from the duo, but this Soul Coughing-esque band gets it done. "Still Getting It Done" in particular feels like a leap forward in sound and songwriting from the duo, and the album overall provides a nice late-summer addition to the year's music. Check it out.
Songs of Note: "Still Getting It Done," "Reign of the Hummingbird," "Slipping Off Your Wrist," "Stalagmite"

Artist: No More Blue Tomorrows
Album: No More Blue Tomorrows
Quick Thoughts: Wanted to highlight No More Blue Tomorrows out of southern New Hampshire. This band's debut album is raw and indie as it comes, but there is a lot of special stuff happening here. The band has a sort of country-punk aesthetic, but it reminds me a lot more of the jangly feel of early Gin Blossoms or Toad the Wet Sprocket, and it is REAL good. This band should go places, because the talent and songwriting is there right from the start. Make time for it.
Songs of Note: "Lonely," "As Real As a Heart Attack," "It's Cool," "For Forever," "27 Minutes"

Of note:

* Icona Pop - Club Romantech (Long-awaited listen worth the time.)
* The Natvral - Summer of No Light (Solid mixed-genre effort from former Pains of Being Pure at Heart singer.)
* Frankie and the Witch Fingers - Data Doom (A fun indie effort worth paying attention to.)
* Drab Majesty - An Object in Motion
* Elliott Fullam - End of Ways
* The Paper Kites - At the Roadhouse
* Public Memory - Elegiac Beat
* Dr. Quandry - GHOST MINT TAPE
* Bullant - Late Life Circ
* Medicine - Silences
* Rosie Tucker - Tiny Songs Volume 1
* Sprain - The Lamb as Effigy
* Lathe of Heaven - Bound by Naked Skies
* Field Medic - light is gone 2
* Euglossine - Bug Planet is the Current Timeline
* Arrowounds - The Slow Boiling Amphibian Dreamstate
* Chris Pierce - Let All Who Will
* Jaimie Branch - Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die ((world war))
* Thelma and the Sleaze - Holey Water
* Kendra Morris - I Am What I'm Waiting For
* Real Bad Man and Blu - Bad News


* Gena Rose Bruce - Lighting Up
* dayaway - blue summer moon
* Dreamcoaster - Say Nothing EP
* SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE - I'm so lucky
* Charli Adams - nothing to be scared of
* Kai Whiston - XUL1
* Geowulf - Polyamory
* Gemma Cullingford and Luke Wright - FOMO EP
* Perennial - The Leaves of Autumn Symmetry
* Qveen Herby - HOUSEWIFE
* Marem Ladson - Baby Light

Also out:

* Ivan & Alyosha - All We Ever Had
* Show Me The Body - Trouble the Water
* Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - Kings of the Asylum
* AUNTY RAYZOR - Viral Wreckage


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