Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Rachel Sumner - "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison)"

Photo by Hannah Cohen

Last year saw Twisted Pine's Rachel Sumner release her debut solo album Rachel Sumner & The Travelling Light, and she's back with a new single (although it did win a Lennon Award in 2021). "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison)" tells the tale of the young women who were knowingly exposed to radium poisoning in factories in the 1920s, and the cover up by the companies involved. Sumner's song is a beautiful and haunting folk song that tells the true story of these women without pulling any punches. It's a heartbreaking story, but one that needs to be told, especially by a songwriter as talented as Sumner.

Rachel Sumner says of her new song:

“To this day it boils my blood to think about what happened to these women, but the day I first read about them I was absolutely livid. It had been nearly a hunded years since radium dial companies started cropping up. I took my urge to shout their story from rooftops and focused it into crafting a ballad to honor and share their plight. In a time where major US companies and warehouses continue to exploit workers and risk their health for profit, the story of the Radium Girls is one we cannot afford to forget.”

You can listen to "Radium Girls (Curie Eleison)" below. Rachel Sumner has a new album due out in 2024. For more on Rachel Sumner, check out the artist's website.

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