Friday, September 29, 2023

Femegades - "What Is Yours Is Mine"

London punk rockers Femegades have released a new single about how men see women as objects they can obtain, and imagines a world where women walk around wearing price tags. "What Is Yours Is Mine" is a rocker more along the lines of 90's alt-rock with a punk edge. I'm hearing a little bit of The Donnas and Veruca Salt but with the more scathing and metal side of L7. It's a loud and heavy rock song, but it has a more mainstream leaning side to it as well. It's the kind of song a lot of lunkheads could end up rocking out to if they don't pay attention to the lyrics very closely.

You can listen to "What Is Yours Is Mine" below. The single is out now via Regent Street Records, and can be downloaded through Bandcamp. For more on Femegades, check out the band's website.

1 comment:

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