Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Grafh x 38 Spesh featuring Haile Supreme and Talib Kweli - "Right Now"

Later this month, Grafh and 38 Spesh will be releasing a collaborative album, and we can listen to a new track from that album. The track also features appearances by Haile Supreme and Talib Kweli. While most hip hop that I cover here at If It's Too Loud... tends to be throwbacks to the earlier days of rap, "Right Now" sounds much more modern. It may have a foot in the classic sound of the 90's, but a modernized version of that sound. It's a great combination of the grittier side of the genre and the more mainstream, R&B inflected sound. (Leaning more towards the grittier side.) "Right Now" is a perfect introduction to the collaboration between Grafh and 38 Spesh, and will have you anticipating the full album later this month.

You can listen to "Right Now" below. God's Timing is due out July 26. For more on Grafh, check him out in Instagram. 38 Spesh's Instagram can be found here.

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