Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Fast Execution - "All You See is Weather"

Fast Execution are a Bay Area trio comprised of husband and wife duo Alex Valasquez (guitarist/songwriter) and Paul Igaz (drums), along with bassist Alex Halatsis. They play a sort of DIY riot grrrl meets pop punk sound evident in their latest single, "All You See is Weather." It's a minute and a half burst of 90's style fuzz that is as catchy as it is discordant. You know the kind of song that you're happily listening to and are finding to be a complete earworm, and then your Top 40 listening co-worker asks "What is THIS?" with a tone of disdain? "All You See is Weather" is going to sound like a total pop song with some delightful noise to us, but is going to be far too noisy for the normies. In other words, Fast Execution are the kind of band we can never get enough of.

You can listen to "All You See is Weather" below. Menses Music is due out August 8 on Dandy Boy Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Fast Execution, check out the band on Instagram.

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