Friday, July 5, 2024

The Bandit Queen of Sorrows - "Tomorrow'll Come Too Soon"

The Red Apple Farm in Phillipston is one my favorite New England hidden gems. It's mostly an apple orchard, but they also have a brewery, cidery, and restaurant. It's a great place for families to go for some food, and to eat outdoors and let the kids run around and play. They also have live music, but typically it's the kind of place where local musicians play Grateful Dead and Jimmy Buffet covers. I always fantasize about getting my favorite local folk artists to play, but unfortunately most people customers view the music with mild curiosity at best, and direct competition to their conversations at worst.

This is why I was delighted to discover a fantastic artist there Wednesday night. The Bandit Queen of Sorrows, which is a fantastic name, is Leslie Fox-Humphries. (There isn't a whole lot of information online...) She just released a new single earlier this week, "Tomorrow'll Come Too Soon." The single is a great slice of folk/Americana that's just Fox-Humprhies and her guitar, and that's enough to be endlessly captivating. As you can probably guess from the name The Bandit Queen of Sorrows, the song is quite downbeat, but in a perfectly beautiful way. If you like pure Americana and/or singer-songwriter fare with a sense of darkness, "Tomorrow'll Come Too Soon" is going to be perfect for you.

You can listen to "Tomorrow'll Come Too Soon" below. The song is curently available via Bandcamp. For more on The Bandit Queen of Sorrows, check out the artist on Instagram.

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