Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Chesterfield Kings - "Fly the Astral Plane"

Photo by Sue Kane

Garage rock legends The Chesterfield Kings are back with a new single. If you'd assume that a song called "Fly the Astral Plane" would be a more psychedelic track, you'd be assuming correctly. This one is a psychedelic garage rock revival song with effects heavy guitars. The song still has plenty of pop hooks up against the garage rock and psychedelic sounds, which gives the whole thing an Archies meets The 13th Floor Elevators vibe. The Chesterfield Kings are perfect for those of us who just love vintage garage rock and/or the current revival of that style.

Frontman Andy Babiuk says of the band's new single:

"I wrote the 'Fly The Astral Plane' with a more psychedelic approach. The lyrics can have a double meaning depending on what you’re into. But if you close your eyes and listen, you’ll get there…”

You can listen to "Fly the Astral Plane" below. The single is out now on Wicked Cool Records with a B-side of "So Sad About Us." For more on The Chesterfield Kinds, check out the band's website.

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