Monday, September 11, 2017

Nots - "Cruel Friend"

While sulking that I had to miss Nots' show in Somerville last night, I stumbled onto the fact that they released a 7" back in June that I somehow missed completely. "Cruel Friend" is exactly what we expect, and want, from Nots. It's aggressive and fast post punk in the vein of Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill, but with an underlying groove throughout. The b-side, "Violence," is where things get interesting. It's much more synth heavy than what we've heard from Nots in the past. Before you start thinking that they're going all New Wave on us next, this is a much darker and foreboding song than most synth tracks. It's more along the lines of something from the It Follows soundtrack with lyrics.

You can listen to "Cruel Friend" below. The digital version of "Cruel Friend" and "Violence" can be purchased via Bandcamp. For more on Nots, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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