Friday, September 8, 2017

Neaux - "Stuck Like A..."

When a press release claims a band is "... Influenced by the likes of Sebadoh, Mudhoney, and Sonic Youth," it's a guarantee that I'm going to be paying attention. The latest song from Neaux, "Stuck Like A...," delivers on that lofty promise. It has the artsy noise of Sonic Youth, the driving aggression of Mudhoney, and the quirky pre-emo hooks of Harmacy era Sebadoh. "Stuck Like A..." is one of those rare songs that feels much more epic than its just over 4:00 length, and despite feeling much longer than it is, you're still wishing it was longer. It's a rare band that can pull off artsy, heavy, and catchy, so we give the biggest compliment possible to Neaux.

You can listen to "Stuck Like A..." below. Neaux's sophomore album, Chain Up the Sun, will be out October 13 on The Native Sound. It can be pre-ordered here. For more on Neaux, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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