Thursday, September 28, 2017

Shopping - "The Hype"

Photo by Matthew Williams
Despite releasing two full albums back in 2015 (A Melvins-esque feat!), Shopping has been quiet the past two years. Luckily, they are back with a brand new single. (We'd prefer a full length, but certainly won't complain too loudly!) "The Hype" is exactly what we want from Shopping: It borrows quite heavily from bands like Gang of Four, which I'm always 100% behind. "The Hype" does bring this new funk style with it.The track even breaks down into what's almost a jam band finish. A funky/post punk/jam song might sound fairly terrible, but it shakes their sound up just enough to help keep them evolving without abandoning why we love them. 

You can listen to "The Hype" below. It will be available as a single on November 17 via FatCat Records. For more on Shopping, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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