Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NOVA ONE - "if you were mine"

Photo by Brittanny Taylor
Every so often we're stumble across an artist, and as we hear more from them we can tell we're going to become obsessed with them once the new album is released. The newest single from Providence, RI's NOVA ONE is further cementing the new project from Roz Raskin as one of our fledgling obsessions. I grew up on the oldies my parents listened to, and still listen to a lot of those songs with zero irony. Any artist that combines oldies with indie rock will quickly become a favorite. "if you were mine" leans just slightly more in the direction of indie rock, especially the beginning. It starts out as a lo-fi indie ballad, in the singer/songwriter side of the genre. But, by the time the chorus starts, it edges its way into doo wop territory. For the rest of the song, NOVA ONE weaves between the two sounds perfectly, almost making two songs into one seamlessly more than it is a mash up of styles.

You can listen to "if you were mine" below. NOVA ONE's debut album, secret princess, will be out June 8 on Community Records. You can pre-order your copy here. For more on NOVA ONE, check her/them out on Facebook and website. If you happen to be in the Providence area, check out NOVA ONE's album release show on July 6 at the Columbus Theater.

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