Thursday, May 31, 2018

Rebecca Lou - "I Wanna Be Your Everything"

Back in February we brought you "Bitch u look Good" from Denmark's Rebecca Lou. If that song was riot grrrl meets more straightforward rock, then her latest single fits right in. "I Wanna Be Your Everything" is loud, catchy as you can possibly imagine rock. It exists in this bizarre universe where hard rock can still be pop, in a way it hasn't for years, maybe decades. It's crunchy, has blissfully fuzzed out guitars, and distorted vocals, but it's still a pop song. It almost sounds like if Nirvana went on a huge Cheap Trick kick. In a world where music can either be earnest or fun, an artist like Rebecca Lou that can be both is quite welcome for us.

You can watch the live video for "I Wanna Be Your Everything" below. For more on Rebecca Lou, be sure to check her out on Facebook.

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