Thursday, May 31, 2018

AD.UL.T - "Pole Shift"

Photo by Nicole Walker
The two members of AD.UL.T first met in kindergarten in Leominster, MA (making them the closest thing I've had to a hometown band here on If It's Too Loud... since most bands in the area tend to cover Godsmack and Sublime...). When they were thirteen, they decided to form a band, but neither of their parents would let them practice at home. Once Brian (bass) was able to get her own apartment, their dream of starting a band finally came true. They've become known for having shows that are more performance art than traditional concerts, and Brian performing while wearing a zebra mask has become a trademark. Plus, the band was banned from performing at the dearly departed TT the Bear's.

Their new single, "Pole Shift," is... interesting? It's a swirl of pure noise with haunting fuzzed out sounds that may be vocals, maybe? It sounds like a chilled out, trippy Lightning Bolt or if Guerilla Toss formed a cult. You'll know right away if AD.UL.T are right for you. There's a good chance they won't be, and that's fine. But, if you are able to acquire the taste for "Pole Shift," you will most likely end up being a die hard fan.

You can check out "Pole Shift" over at New Noise Magazine. A Dainty Bit, the new EP from AD.UL.T, will be out July 13. For more on AD.UL.T, check out their Facebook.

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