Thursday, May 3, 2018

Oliver the Crow - "Ashes of a Day Gone By"

The new single from Nashville's Oliver the Crow is truly something special. "Ashes of a Day Gone By" is modern folk. This isn't a throwback by any means. Oliver the Crow make unique, progressive folk/bluegrass, but it's still recognizable as folk/bluegrass. With Kaitlyn Raitz on cello and Ben Plotnik on fiddle (and both providing vocals), they play a very stripped down, minimalist version of modern folk, but somehow still have a full, lush sound. The music isn't truly beautiful or abrasive. Instead, their sound is compelling. In its quiet, it will make you want to listen and focus on what is going on. That's rare and is a gift in a song.

You can watch the video for "Ashes of a Day Gone By" below. Oliver the Crow's self titled debut album will be out June 22. You can pre-order their album on Bandcamp. For more on Oliver the Crow, check out their website.

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