Monday, May 6, 2019

Berwanger - "Bad Vibrations"

Photo by Zach Bauman
Berwanger is the latest musical project from Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary and Radar State. His latest single, "Bad Vibrations," is perfect for fans of his other projects while still being completely different. It's a chill dance rock song with a ton of harmonizing and back up vocals. It's fun, but not in that embarrassing ways a lot of dance music is. This is dance music for (somewhat) grown ups. Berwanger says of the song:

“On this new record, I often use the word "you”, but I’m actually referring to "me". In other words, I'm talking to myself. This song is about my social anxieties because I usually feel awkward in public. Which makes me think I sometimes give off bad vibrations when most likely I'm just spaced out, off on another planet. Or maybe a better example is how Garth feels when Wayne ditches him on set in Wayne's World.”

You can watch the video for "Bad Vibrations" below. Watching a Garden Die, the upcoming album from Berwanger, will be out June 28 on Wiretap Records. For more on Berwanger, check him/them out on Facebook.

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