Friday, May 31, 2019

Trinary System - "When the Dust Settles"

Things have been very, very quiet on the Mission of Burma front lately, but members have been involved with other projects. Trinary System is Roger Miller's current project. Obviously we have to compare their latest song, "When the Dust Settles," to Mission of Burma, so here goes!

"When the Dust Settles" is decidedly more mellow than Miller's typical work with Mission of Burma. It's not a complete change in direction from Burma, but more of an extension. Instead of the punk edge we're used to, Trinary System is almost psychedelic and harmonious. It's significantly less dissonant, but most things are. I'd almost go as far as calling it groovy, but it stops just short of that.

You can watch the video for "When the Dust Settles" below. LIGHTS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD, the new album from Trinary System, is due out on June 1 via Feeding Tube Records. For more on Trinary System, check out their website.

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